Dr. Amalina Bakri sering mendapat perhatian di media sosial kerana idola Malaysia ini jelas sekali bukan saja bijak, malah gaya fesyennya juga membuatkan ramai anak muda terpesona.

Sudah lebih kurang 14 tahun tinggal di luar negara, pasti ramai yang ingin mengenali personaliti hebat ini. Kejayaannya mendapat keputusan cemerlang 17 A1 dalam SPM sehingga kini masih menjadi bualan masyarakat.

Kalau korang nak kenal lebih rapat dengan Dr. Amalina ni, berikut merupakan soalan-soalan yang diambil daripada Ask Me Question di ruangan Instagram story miliknya.

1. Bercita-cita tinggi

Never settle for less. Selalu ada plan A sampai Z.

2. Berdikari

Suka lakukan semua perkara dengan sendiri dan tidak suka bergantung kepada orang lain. Seorang yang degil (in a good way) dan tidak gemar bila orang lain menyuruhnya untuk melakukan apa yang patut dibuat. I am my own boss.

Dear ladies, I received messages and DMs from ladies who don’t feel confident about themselves. But ladies, ‪‬ please love yourself, please love and lift each other up, just remember, everyone has feelings, no matter what they do, who they are, we are all human beings, no more look/body shaming, big or small, short or tall, fair or tanned, hijabis or non-hijabis. Look/body shaming is probably one of the reasons why whitening obsessions, diet pills, etc etc exist in Malaysia. Shout out to all the ladies out there trying to love and embrace themselves in a world that’s constantly telling them not to, no girl, you’re beautiful, words can’t bring you down, love yourself, your self-worth is determined by you. Diversity is sexy, you know what is not sexy? Misogyny, labelling, comparing and look shaming. ❤️

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3. Curious

Suka belajar perkara baru setiap hari.

4. Wandeluster

Seperti yang korang mungkin dah tahu, Dr. Amalina memang suka travel. Bila ada waktu free, dia tak boleh duduk rumah tanpa melakukan apa-apa.
So far, Dr. Amalina dah travel ke 61 buah negara (kebanyakkan di Eropah, Amerika Utara, Afrika, Asia, Australasia, Caribbean.

5. Favorite perfume

Chanel Mademoiselle dan Burberry Brit.

6. Pertama kali jatuh cinta

Sewaktu umurnya 16 tahun, dia pernah jatuh cinta dengan seorang lelaki Itali kerana pernah menetap di negara tersebut.

7. Result exam



SPM- 17 A1

A Levels- 5As with Advanced Extension Awards in Chemistry and Biology (Distinction)

Dr. Amalina memang tak pernah dapat keputusan exam selain gred A. Wow, hebatnya!

8. Tip cantik

Dia akan meluangkan masa selama satu jam untuk ke gym dalam lebih kurang tiga atau empat kali seminggu. Antara rutin gym yang dilakukan:

Reverse plank – 10-15 reps

10 reps of The Parachute

15 reps of twisting scissors

10-15 reps of side plan kicks

10 reps of burpees

10 reps mountain climbers

15 reps of weighted sit ups

15 reps of Russian twists dan banyak lagi

Fuhh, dengar pun dah mengah. Cayalah doc!

9. Uk or Malaysia?

Malaysia is where my heart is. UK is where my life is.

10. Lagu favourite masa surgery

It’s a final countdown

I always knew that I wanted to become a doctor when I was a little kid. I would play with the doctor’s kit (including stethoscope and scalpel) when I was a little girl and pretended that my Barbie doll was my patient. Little did I know that I’m now living my dream! Training to become a Consultant Surgeon is indeed very challenging — physically, mentally and emotionally. The long hours, the on call shifts, weekends and nights, clinics, monitoring your juniors, research and postgraduate exams and degrees, PhD, teaching medical students. The never ending work-based assessments, exams, and so forth. There is no end to gaining knowledge in medicine and surgery, every day is a new learning experience. It challenges your patience and virtue, your ability to work under pressure and stressful environment. Sometimes, I do ask myself, why am I doing this job when I could be doing more glamorous job with better work-life balance and perhaps more money? If you choose to do medicine/surgery for either status or money, I would highly recommend you to reconsider. It’s a long road and it’s a brutal truth. There were times when I cried for tiny little things that happened at work, for patients that I lost, for those sleepless nights studying for exams. I was even admitted to the hospital while I was on call due to kidney stones, low blood sugar and dehydration. When you decide to become a doctor, it’s not just a job or a title, it’s a way of living. You’re dedicating your life to help those in need and most importantly it needs to come from your heart. #workhardplayharder #ilooklikeasurgeon #independentwomencan P/s: Picture taken yesterday when we were about to start a trauma laparotomy.

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